Syncing Your Circadian Rhythms with Lighting

Meet the human-centric wellness light that makes self care are as easy as flipping a switch.

Thursday, Oct 03rd, 2019

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Let's face it, home lighting hasn't been life-changing in a while. But now light can be life-changing again, with Brilli.

More than just light.

Brilli creates human-centric, circadian wellness lighting solutions that are unlike anything else available because they’re designed with the widest spectrum of well-being benefits to optimize our health and happiness. We don’t just focus on how bulbs light up a room; we care about how they affect your body’s natural rhythms, make you feel in a space and how they impact the environment. Like our name, our lights are brilliant, and they help you feel that way, too.

The energizing, alert, ready-to-face-the-day feeling you experience when you step out into the sunshine? Brilli lights can help you feel that.

The calm, relaxed, curl-up-in-bed feeling you experience at the end of the day as the natural daylight fades into twilight? Yep, Brilli lights can give you those feels too.

Less eye discomfort and fewer headaches caused by eyestrain? Check.

No sterile or murky feeling light with poor color quality? 100%.

Here’s why it’s a game changer.

Brilli lights offer all the benefits of a beautifully balanced spectrum of light. They’re designed to simulate the benefits of natural sunlight to complement the body’s circadian rhythm––the sleeping and waking cycle that’s regulated by the part of our brains that responds to light.

Roughly translated, our circadian rhythm is why we feel more awake and alert when our environment is brighter, and more relaxed when it’s dark.

Brilli doesn’t fight this natural rhythm, and instead works with it with cool, stimulating light when you need to feel energized, and when you’re ready to power down, it offers warm, and relaxing light to unwind.

Brilli solves other problems where traditional bulbs come up short, too, like reducing the flicker and glare that cause eye strain, headaches, and headache-related stress.

Plus, it just looks better than the artificial light of other bulbs with well-being benefits. You get true, beautiful, vivid color without the visual harshness.

Switch it up, ASAP.

If you haven’t switched to Brilli yet, you won’t want to wait until your traditional bulbs burn out. Brilli isn’t just about changing lights that don’t work anymore, it’s about improving a lifestyle that doesn’t work anymore. Your health and well-being are worth it.

We offer a range of lighting solutions for your home. With our fully adjustable lights, you can experience the full range of available color temperatures just by using a dimmer, so your interior always has the perfect lighting, any time of day. We also help you determine where to install our cool or warm lights to best fit your lifestyle.

You can feel alert where you need to, like your kitchen or home office, and then relaxed where it works best, like your living room or bedroom. Told you it was a game changer.

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