Why Healthy Lighting Helps With Better Living

If you’ve made other lifestyle changes, but haven’t made the switch to better lighting, then it’s time to get Brilli lights.

Thursday, Sep 26th, 2019

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Brilli is clean, full-spectrum, better-for-you wellness lighting that boosts your body, mind, and mood. If you’ve made other lifestyle changes, but haven’t made the switch to better lighting, then it’s time to get Brilli circadian rhythm lights––yesterday. Here’s why.

1. Brilli makes improving your well-being ridiculously easy

In an era when a Netflix binge accompanied by a freshly delivered pizza is just a few clicks away, healthy living can be a real struggle even for the most motivated people. Making healthy lifestyle changes takes practice, focus, discipline, and dollars. Brilli makes it insanely simple to do something that’s beneficial for your health and well-being. And unlike doing pilates or meditation, making the switch is a surprisingly affordable, low-effort, and low-drama decision.

2. It’s the healthiest thing since clean air and clean water.

With all of the self care choices you make every day to benefit your overall wellbeing, isn’t it time you were more conscious of the effects of the light bulbs throughout your home? Good for you lighting is the next BIG THING in wellness. Brilli’s Patent-Pending WellBright Spectrum™ gives you beautiful and nutritious lighting that mimics natural sunlight, regulates your sleep-wake cycle, and improves things like your mood and energy. Good luck getting your standing desk to do that much work for you.

3. It’s eco (and wallet) friendly.

Brilli lights are Energy Star® rated to save you energy and money. It’s the energy saving light bulb that truly gives back, both to you and the world, when you switch it on. Way to go, you financially savvy eco-warrior…way to go.

4. You’ll feel more alert.

Have you been a little sluggish lately? Are coffee, exercise, and really-good-for-you foods just not cutting it in terms of helping you feel focused, productive, and ready to face the day? Brilli offers the cool, bright, brilliant color you need to create an atmosphere of alertness and energy. Switch on one of our Brilli Charge Up cool LED bulbs or turn your Get In Sync ceiling light fixture up to 5000K to experience all the benefits of the crisp, clean, full spectrum light of the sun.

5. You’ll catch more high-quality Z’s.

Just as daylight helps you feel awake and alert, evening light helps you wind down and relax. But your typical interior lights don’t in any way resemble the warm glow of your favorite candle or the pinkish hues of the sunset. So it’s hard to just turn off a light, curl up in bed, and hope your body is ready for sleep. Brilli Wind Down LED A19 or BR30 light bulbs are soothing in exactly the way you need to prepare for quality z’s. For the ultimate bed time ritual, our Get In Sync lights turn all the way down to a cuddly 2200K.

6. It’s an interior design upgrade.

Have you ever turned on a ceiling lighting fixture, only to wince at the unnatural, harsh color it sheds on your walls and furniture? You won’t have to worry about this with Brilli lighting. We provide a comprehensive blend of visual appeal and comfort, including color quality, to make your indoor lighting feel natural and pleasing to the eye. You'll also love how skin tones look like, well, actual skin tones.

7. You’ll protect your peepers.

Flicker and glare from traditional light sources can cause eye strain, leading to headaches and stress that you just don’t need in your life. But here’s something Brilli: our lighting solutions are better for your eyes, reducing strain and the consequent aches and pains. It’s like a hug for your optical nerves.

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