At Last, a Self-Care “Easy Button” Has Arrived

If you’re trying to raise your self-care game, making sure you’re getting good, healthy light is a no-brainer.

Tuesday, Sep 24th, 2019

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"I deserve to feel good."

Try repeating that statement, out loud, to yourself a few times. Done? Great job. You just practiced an affirmation, which is a pretty common and popular type of self-care. It’s easy to do, and it can help rewire your mindset, resulting in positive changes in your habits, which can then lead to a huge improvement in your overall well-being. It’s pretty impactful stuff.

Unfortunately, practicing self-care isn’t always as easy as repeating a few positive affirmations. It can get complicated, pricey, and downright grueling. Ever tried meditating or doing CrossFit? Ever negotiated a pay raise or gone ‘off the grid’ for a weekend in the name of better work-life balance? Ever try colon hydrotherapy or cupping?

The wellness trends that Forbes correctly predicted would be huge in 2019 all seem hugely difficult.

Self-care can get stressful, so it’s no wonder that some people are starting to reallllllly stretch what they count as self-care. Now self-care can mean watching old episodes of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood or getting a mani-pedi, or even goat yoga. But, hey, we’re not knocking it: if it weren’t for easy self-care, some of us wouldn’t get any self-care at all.

Ready for a self-care trend that’s way easier than pilates, and at least as hip as goat yoga? If you’re trying to raise your self-care game, making sure you’re getting good, healthy light is a no-brainer. Your body craves natural light from the sun, because it helps regulate some of your stress- and sleep-related hormones. But if you get that bright, powerful light at the wrong time of the day, you’re likely to feel all out of whack, more stressed and less able to relax. That’s the opposite of self-care.

Pink letter tiles that read self-care against a blue background

It’s time to think about the real impact your home lighting has on your body and mind. Using bright living room or bedroom lighting when it’s twilight outside sends the wrong message when your body is trying to wind down. So if you really want to take care of yourself and those hormones, you need clean bedroom lights that can offer warm, flickering light when it’s time to relax.

Brilli is a sophisticated, human-centric lighting solution, which means that it’s responsive to your needs, and that’s what self-care is really about: doing what’s best for you. And with Brilli, you get the elevated self-care you need without the complications and expense of some of the more recent wellness trends.

The no-fuss solution that’s as easy as screwing in a light bulb.

Here’s a fact about Brilli's circadian rhythm lighting that makes it the exact opposite of difficult: it’s pretty easy… on your wallet. You can invest in holistic wellness lighting and experience all its benefits without breaking your bank account.

Even easier? You don’t have to put on moisture-wicking clothes to practice wellness with Brilli, and you don’t have to make an appointment months in advance to feel good with clean LED lighting. It’s an easy switch to improve your health by using nutritious lighting in the form of Brilli’s warm or cool LED light bulbs wherever and whenever you need them.

After that? It’s literally just flipping a switch to turn on your self-care with LED bulbs that can improve your mood, boost your energy, and help you concentrate so you’ll feel even better when you get your much deserved “me time.”

That old mantra still applies: "Keep it simple, stupid."

If changing a light bulb almost seems too easy to be impactful, consider this: you know about clean air and clean water, and what’s simpler than those basic elements? Light isn’t any different. We get it from the sun when we’re outside. But light that offers the benefits of the sun when you’re inside is pretty cutting-edge on the self care front. Everyone from the American Institute of Architects, who focus on visual, emotional, and biological elements of a space, to Resources to Recover, a mental health organization dedicated to emotional and physical well-being, has cited light as the future of health and wellness.

That’s because there’s a proven link between how you feel and how you light. And that’s why there’s Brilli, a lighting revolution that helps you feel good, that’s beneficial for your mind and body. It’s a human-centric lighting replacement for traditional light bulbs in your home that aren’t doing a whole lot to help you take care of you.

It’s the easy, effective self-care you’ve been craving: a wholesome, outside-in benefit to your mental and physical well-being. And who doesn’t love a self-care investment that basically lets you make one small change, and then forget about it? How great would it be if you only had to switch from a CrossFit class to a Zumba class once, and then the rest took care of itself?

Maybe someday soon all the other self-care and wellness trends will catch up to what Brilli already does so ingeniously: letting you hit the easy button when it comes to doing what’s good for you.