Feeling Stressed Out? Maybe It’s Your Lighting

Wednesday, Nov 03rd, 2021

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National Stress Awareness Day – Nov. 3rd

With a whopping 78% of adults citing the coronavirus pandemic as a major source of stress in their lives, according to the American Psychological Association, it’s little wonder so many of us are feeling maxed out.

Even more alarming, Gen Z is recorded as the age group experiencing the highest levels of stress in today’s current climate. Our young people are overwhelmed, and our adults aren’t far behind. In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, we thought it might be helpful to provide some practical tips on how to use your home lighting to improve your stress levels. With so many factors to consider, why not start the stress relief process right at home?

Why Lighting Matters to Our Health

It can be difficult to believe that our home lighting can actually play a part in our stress, but research and studies have shown that the lighting we are exposed to directly affects our health and wellbeing. Below are some of the ways good lighting can genuinely improve your stress levels

  1. Improves Sleep & Promotes Relaxation – Quality lighting helps to set the tone in your spaces by promoting a sense of calmness
  2. Increased Energy Levels – Natural lighting or lighting that replicates natural sunlight, can drastically increase your overall energy
  3. Health & Nutrition – Natural light helps your body to synthesize much-   needed vitamins

Good Lighting Means Good Sleep

Sleep can heal. Plain and simple.

Our bodies rely on sleep to re-cap the day, store away memories, process new ones and even generate new cells. Without quality sleep, we fail to give our bodies the regenerative love it so desperately needs and deserves.

So imagine if you will, the repercussions to our mental and emotional health when we don’t get good sleep.

In fact, the National Alliance on Mental Illness says that some mental health conditions, such as mania in bipolar disorder, can actually be triggered due to a lack of sleep.

One of the biggest obstacles to a quality night’s sleep is oftentimes the light in our living spaces. High exposure to blue light from several hours of screen time or excessive exposure to fluorescent lighting can throw off our natural sleep patterns. That is why it’s essential to choose soft, ambient lighting and not have too many lights in the bedroom.

Our own Brilli Wind Down bulbs help promote a sense of calmness and encourage your natural sleep cycles by omitting blue light, which often keeps us up into the wee hours of the night.

More Light, More Energy

At Brilli, we believe that light is vital to life - because it truly is! In order for everyday life to be lived we need light.

Oftentimes darker spaces encourage lower levels of energy. You often feel less compelled to do activities or you can become depressed by not being able to see clearly enough.

In contrast, lots of open windows and lamps with good lighting can provide boosts of energy.

Brilli’s own Charge Up light bulbs are designed to replicate brisk morning sunlight and thus create a sense of focus and enhanced energy. Tools like these can help make any room in your home, windows or no windows, into an enlightened safe haven.

Quality Lighting and Nutrition

Did you know our bodies benefit from sun exposure? We need the vitamin D that natural light provides.

Vitamin D is known to help improve brain cell activity, support your immune system, is an excellent anti-inflammatory and boosts mood. All things a human body needs in combatting high stress.

That’s why it’s important to open your windows, get outdoors and choose home lighting options that can replicate natural sunlight inside your home.

Believe it or not, in today’s innovative world, quality light fixtures can do even more than just light your space and provide enhanced energy.

Brilli recently launched a 24” Antimicrobial LED Vanity Bar that kills* and prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi – including SARS-CoV-2. A light fixture like this can not only prevent the growth of bacteria in your home, but it can provide a sense of relief that your living spaces are healthy for you and your loved ones.

Choose lighting options that don’t just light up your space but also provide peace and even cleanliness. De-stress where it all begins – right at home.