Light for better health and wellness

It began with a

By now, most people know that clean air and water in their homes are healthy must-haves. But one day, a light bulb went off in John Goscha’s head. Why can’t the light on our homes be better for our health and well-being?

Enter Brilli, the first lighting company to focus solely on the health and well-being of people in every room of their home. We don’t just exist to light up spaces. We exist to light up the people within them. Because, like clean air and water, we understand that good light is vital to life.

We need

When you turn on a Brilli light, you’re turning on the science of more than 650 peer-reviewed studies related to light and its effects on our natural biological rhythms.

You’re experiencing the expertise of leading neuroscientists, circadian experts and lighting experts. And you’re living in beautiful, energy-efficient light that also happens to love you back.

Now you can
Feel great inside

No matter the room or time of day, Brilli has the right light to increase energy, sync your natural rhythms, or help your body settle in for sleep.

Get to know the science behind our light.