• Feel Better

The Case for Cleaning Up Your Lighting Act

If 'junk lighting' is the new 'dirty air,' here’s your guide to getting your light right.

  • Home Base

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Self-Care Sanctuary

Tips for creating a restful, healthy room of one’s own.

  • Geek Out

These Human-Centric Lighting Solutions Are Changing Lives

From healthcare to interior design, these lighting mavericks are making a difference.

  • Work Life

Can You Light Your Way to Better Work Life Balance?

Crushing it at work and at home might be a matter of better lighting.

  • Feel Better

Got 20 Minutes? Try These Wellness Shortcuts

Fast ways to improve your sleep, mood, and performance.

  • Feel Better

Trouble Sleeping? Try These No-Brainer Hacks

Sweet dreams are made of this stuff.

  • Feel Better

The Surprising Link Between your Outlook and Your Light Switch

Why lighting your way to a better mood matters to your health and well-being.

  • Home Base

A Beginners Guide to Home Lighting for Health & Well-being

Want to create a healthier home, but don’t know where to start? We've got some tips!

  • Feel Better

Light Is Having a Light Bulb Moment

Meet the human-centric wellness light that makes self care are as easy as flipping a switch.

  • Feel Better

Why Better Lighting Helps With Better Living

If you’ve made other lifestyle changes, but haven’t made the switch to better lighting, then it’s time to get Brilli lights.

  • Home Base

At Last, a Self-Care “Easy Button” Has Arrived

If you’re trying to raise your self-care game, making sure you’re getting good, healthy light is a no-brainer. 

  • Geek Out

The 4 Types of Blue Light That Are Actually Good For You

Blue light has been getting a bad rap. But it turns out that blue light can actually be beneficial.

  • Feel Better

Your Guide to Next-Level Power Napping

Even the people who feel refreshed in the morning get a mid-day slump after lunch. 

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