Can You Light Your Way to Better Work Life Balance?

Crushing it at work and at home might be a matter of better lighting.

Wednesday, Oct 30th, 2019

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Let’s face it: stuff costs money. And not just fancy stuff, like a five course dinner or a two-week cruise. The basics—like food and shelter—also require some money. We don’t mean to be a downer: it’s just a fact of life.

And speaking of life, how’s yours? Obviously money is important, but are you working so hard that you don’t have time or bandwidth to actually enjoy your life. It may be time to optimize your work/life balance.

Easier said than done? Not necessarily. It turns out you might strike the balance you need just by turning on the right light.

Sleep Better, Work Smarter, Play Harder

Sleep. You know you need it, 7-9 hours of it, in fact. It’s probably not the most important thing in your life, but enhancing your sleep can go a long way in improving your work life balance.

Why? Research shows that sleep helps boost concentration, and that lack of sleep can negatively affect mood, motivation, and judgment. With better sleep, you’ll find yourself getting more done at work. You can leave that paperwork and stress at the office, and be the life of the after work party or the relaxed heart of your home.

There isn’t a magic button that will add more hours to the day so you can clock in more rest. But that switch on your wall? It’s almost magic, because it can help you get better rest.

With the right light for sleep—warm, twilight-like light—you can help your body relax and prepare for bed, so you enjoy more quality shut-eye. Not those bright lights you probably have throughout your house (or the ones on your TV and smartphone, either). Switch your bedroom lighting from traditional LED bulbs to Brilli Wind Down warm ones or Brilli's tunable Get In Sync ceiling fixtures, turn off your electronics (yes, you really should), and prepare for some amazing sleep.

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Turn On the Light, Turn On your Mind

Mismatched shoes? Left your report at home? Can’t remember your computer login? Yeah, you’ve probably experienced one of those days when you (barely) make it through all the (mostly) right motions.

Since a seventh cup of coffee probably isn’t the brightest idea, try this brighter option: lights that wake you up. That’s right, stimulating lights that help you feel alert and refreshed. You can hold the cream and sugar and reach for a new light bulb instead.

How does it work? It works because nature is amazing. The human body runs on the sun. In the morning, when the sun rises and shines its bright, blue light down on Earth, your body knows it’s time to wake up. And science is amazing, too, because with the right light bulb, you can simulate the sun when you’re inside. Studies show that bright sunlight-like lights are critical in the workplace because they help employees feel happier and more energized. They’re the mental and physical performance boost you need.

It’s pretty brilliant, or you could say, Brilli. Because with Brilli’s Charge Up cool and Get In Sync ceiling fixtures , you get the clean, crisp, blue infused light you need to concentrate and feel alert.

Light Your Way to Better Days

A great night of sleep, a productive day at work, a fulfilling evening of what matters most to you… your best day isn’t a mythical unicorn. It’s real and it can be pretty easy to catch with healthy lighting that works for you. It’s just a matter of changing your bulbs so you have the warm light you need to relax and the cool light you need to feel alert.

Brilli gets you, the whole you, the you that wants to perform your best and play your best. And we’ve got your back with our bulbs meant for every part of your best day yet.

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