When you turn on a Brilli light, you’re turning on the science of more than 650 peer-reviewed studies on light and its effect on human health and well-being.

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Dr. Shadab Rahman

Scientific Advisor, Consulting Circadian Scientist

Advises on circadian neurophysiology, and how lighting characteristics affect circadian rhythms 

Dr. Doug Steel

Scientific Advisor, Consulting Neuroscientist

Advises on human response to light, and non-visual neural pathways from eye to brain

Dr. Tony Esposito

Scientific Advisor,
Consulting Lighting Research Scientist

Advises on lighting quality and spectral engineering, including color science and circadian metrics

Michael Idelchik

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Vice President of Advanced Technology at GE Global Research

Dr. Vic Roberts

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Head of Research, GE Lighting

Dr. Jakob Maya

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Director of R&D and Engineering, Osram Sylvania

We design for eight wellness & efficiency metrics:

Circadian Stimulus

Melenopic/Photopic Ratio

Flicker Sensitivity


% of Blue Light

Visual Comfort

Energy Efficiency

WELL Building Standard

And three premium features:

Beyond our proprietary light spectrum, Brilli technology is different from traditional LED lighting in three ways:

Multiple LEDs

Premium Phosphors

Dual Tunability


Designed with multiple types of LEDs to simulate the effects of sunrise and sunset, our lights provide the right spectrum of light to improve well-being:

  • Charge Up features powerful bright light, optimized for use in the morning and daytime when you need an energy boost

  • Wind Down features a soothing light, optimized for use in the late-afternoon and evening, when you want to relax and prepare for sleep

  • Get in Sync features an adjustable spectrum you can change throughout the day, to get the wellness benefits of both Charge Up and Wind Down in a single fixture


Most LEDs use inexpensive phosphors to reduce costs, decreasing the quality of the light and increasing annoying flicker. Brilli LEDs use premium phosphors that deliver the most robust, high-quality light spectrum and color and eliminate flicker that can cause headaches and eye strain.


Brilli circadian fixtures are the only fixtures available on the market to feature patent-pending technology that allows you to simultaneously adjust brightness and light spectrum using any standard dimmer.