Health Hacks For Frequent Travelers

Use these tips to reduce stress, fatigue, and improve your travel experience.

Wednesday, Feb 05th, 2020

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If you’re someone who travels often for work, it’s important to take the right steps to stay as healthy as possible. Business travel can have a variety of negative effects on your health, including stress and sleep disorders.

How does frequent flying affect your health?

If you’re traveling every week for work, chances are you’re flying to and from different time zones. This can lead to chronic jet lag, caused by a disruption to your circadian rhythm.

A disruption to circadian rhythm means that you’re more likely to experience fatigue, irregular sleep, gastrointestinal issues, and mood swings.

Preparing for frequent business travel can also lead to more stress, as well as the anxiety of work building up while you’re away. The time away from family and friends can also contribute to stress.

Finally, your chances of getting sick will also increase because of the constant exposure to germs and illness, in addition to the toll that stress and irregular sleep takes on your body.

How can you stop anxiety before traveling?

Lowering your anxiety before travel can play a significant role in improving your sleep and overall immune system.

First, it helps to stay organized. Print any documents may need for the trip ahead of time and keep them in a designated folder. Or if you prefer to use your phone, organize all of the documents in an email folder that you have easy access to.

Secondly, don’t leave everything to the last minute. Make a packing list and pack your bags at least two days in advance so you have time to add anything you may have forgotten. When heading to the airport, leave plenty of time to go through security and get to your gate—always allow extra time for traffic and delays.

Finally, make sure all of your devices are fully charged and buy a portable charger if necessary.

How can you stay healthy while traveling for work?

Make good food choices

The first step in staying healthy while traveling is to eat well while abroad. It can be tempting to indulge in foods that aren’t very healthy and it can be tough to make good food choices when in the airport or on the go. However, choosing healthy foods like vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and fruits will keep your immune system strong and keep you feeling your best. Foods that are high in protein and fats can help you stay full for longer, preventing unnecessary snacking.


Sneaking in a session at the gym while traveling can be tricky, but it can play a big role in keeping you healthy. Even if you’re able to just get 30 minutes of exercise, it can help strengthen your immune system and help regulate your sleep pattern.

Healthy sleep

The next best way to stay healthy and avoid a circadian rhythm sleep disorder is to focus on getting high-quality rest. To get over jet lag, try choosing flights that arrive in the early evening and stay up until 10 pm local time. Additionally, avoid caffeine or alcohol three to four hours before bedtime and make sure to get plenty of sunlight, which can help regulate your circadian rhythm. If you must nap, keep your naps under two hours to avoid messing with your sleep cycle.

Another way to help improve sleep while traveling is to use circadian rhythm lighting. You can pack Brilli’s light bulbs to keep your circadian rhythm in check while you travel. Lights from Brilli’s Charge Up collection will keep you awake and alert during the day, while the Wind Down collection relaxes you to get you ready for sleep. Try swapping these bulbs for your hotel or Airbnb bulbs to create a healthy lighting environment.