6 Ways to Make Your Home a Productivity Paradise

With these tips, you can create a peaceful space to get your work done.

Thursday, Jul 30th, 2020

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For these past couple of months, the majority of us have become accustomed to being home constantly and learning how to live and work in the same space. When you’re home, it can be difficult to stay productive and focused. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up a spot where you can concentrate and get your work done.

Step 1: "Elbow Space"

Having an organized space is essential for creating a clear headspace. When things are messy and out of order, it can cause your brain to feel more scatterbrained and promote feelings of anxiety.

If you have a desk, put various office items in their proper place, or buy some desk organizers to keep things neat. If you’re working in the kitchen or another area of the house, clear off the table and countertops and put things away so that you’re not distracted while you work.

You can even incorporate organization into your morning routine and start your day by cleaning up your space. The actual process of cleaning can also make you feel more relaxed and accomplished.

Step 2: Invest in Comfortable Office Furniture

There’s nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable chair while trying to work. Since we’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future, it’s important to invest in furniture that is supportive and will help you work comfortably.

Look for chairs that can be adjusted for different heights, have a supportive back, comfortable seat, and arm rests. For desks, search for ones that aren’t so short that you’re hunched over. Ideally, you should purchase a desk that can be raised or lowered to get it to your perfect height.

Step 3: Get Moving

Sitting for hours on end can sometimes make it more difficult to focus. To avoid sitting boredom, get a standing desk if you can. This gives you the option to move your body at different times of the day.

If you can’t get a standing desk, make room near your workspace so that you can take breaks throughout the day to stretch or do some small movements. If you can, try going on a walk during the day to improve focus and concentration.

Step 4: Charge Up

Natural, bright light makes you feel focused and more energized. Try to position your workspace in natural light, but if not, you can enhance the area with light bulbs designed to mimic daylight.

Brilli’s Charge Up light bulbs naturally increase alertness to help you feel more productive. These bulbs have a flicker percent of less than 1% in order to reduce eyestrain, which often leads to headache and fatigue. Try using these bulbs in desk lamps or lights close to your workspace.

Step 5: Liven up your space

Making your space an area you actually want to spend time in by adding decorations, such as plants and art. Plants have many health benefits—they’ve been known to reduce stress, increase productivity, and clean the air. They can also help absorb noise, which is beneficial if you’re trying to work in a home filled with people. If you don’t want to deal with watering and caring for plants, fake plants are also a nice addition to your work area.

Art can add color and personality to your space. If you have a desk or home office, try creating a gallery wall to create a mix of photos, prints, and wall decor. Being surrounded by art can improve anxiety, as well as stimulate your brain and promote empathy. 

Step 6: Lighting for your multifunctional space

You can make the most of your space by turning it into a multifunctional area and using lighting to help with the transition from day to night. Brilli’s adjustable downlights let you customize the lighting to the time of day. 

During the day, set the light to its brighter settings to help you feel more awake and focused. As the day goes on, you can dim the light and simulate the effects of sunset and evening. This transition from day to night helps your circadian rhythm work effectively, meaning you’ll feel more awake in the morning and throughout the day, and sleep more relaxed in the evening. This helps signal to your body that it’s time to unwind and prepare for bed. 

These lights are a great lighting option for any room, but especially rooms you spend time in during the day and at night.