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Charge Up

Dimmable, cool Charge Up light bulbs simulate the brightness and crisp clarity of morning sunlight, to boost energy and attention. You’ll feel a natural uptick in focus and productivity while you take on the day.



Our exclusive Charge Up light spectrum is designed to help naturally increase energy and wakefulness. And, unlike regular LED's, our lighting is tuned to sync with your natural circadian rhythms.

  • For use in lamps and lighting fixtures
  • Ideal for rooms you use primarily during daytime hours


It's well documented that specific wavelengths of blue light in the daytime are essential for good health. Research has shown that these wavelengths have direct alerting and energizing effects that can improve focus, concentration, and performance. 

Wellness Specs
  • Melanopic/Photopic Ratio (M/P): 0.92
  • Circadian Stimulus (C/S): 0.34 @ 300 lux
  • Flicker Sensitivity (PST): Less than 0.7%
  • % of Blue Light: ≥ 3%
  • Energy Star Certified for energy efficiency

1) All Brilli lighting is designed with the optimal Circadian Stimulus (C/S) depending on time of day.
C/S was developed by the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This metric indicates how well a one-hour exposure to a light source producing a certain light level and wavelength of light stimulates the circadian system, based on its ability to suppress the hormone Melatonin. Exposure to a 0.3+ C/S is effective for Melatonin Suppression, which is ideal for day time use.

2) All Brilli lighting is designed with the optimal Melanopic/Photopic (M/P) ratio depending on time of day.
Melanopic vision is the biological impact of light. Photopic vision the amount of light we typically experience during the day in a well-lit space. Our A higher M/P score (above 0.8) means the light is more stimulating and better for daytime use. A lower M/P (below 0.5) score means the light is less stimulating and better for night time use.

3) Brilli Wind Down bulbs have only 0.83% blue light, and Get in Sync fixtures (at the low setting) have 1.6% blue light.
Certain wavelengths of light suppress Melatonin in humans, with the strongest response occurring in the short-wavelength portion of the blue spectrum between 446 and 477 nm. This light is good by day, as it promotes energy, focus and alertness. However, there is consensus in the healthcare community that exposure to cool blue light should be minimized beginning 2 hours before bedtime, at a percentage of less than 2%, as anything higher inhibits Melatonin production.

4) All Brilli lighting has a Flicker Percent of less than 1% at 50Hz.
Flicker is the visible change in brightness of a lamp due to rapid fluctuations in voltage and power supply. Many individuals are sensitive to flicker, which can cause health risks like eyestrain and headaches. UL (the Global Safety Science organization) identifies “Low Flicker Risk” as a Flicker Percent of less than 8% at 50Hz and less than 10% at 60Hz.

5) All Brilli lighting is designed for optimal visual comfort.
Visual comfort is a reaction to the quantity and quality of light within a given space. It encompasses a variety of aspects, such as aesthetic quality, ambience, luminosity and absence of glare. The physiological aspect of visual comfort has three main factors – light source, distribution of light within a space (color, intensity) and how the light is perceived (harsh, soft, dull, sterile, etc.)

6) All Brilli lighting contributes toward satisfying Features #53, #54, and #58 under the WELL Building Standard®.
The WELL Building Standard® is a performance-based system for measuring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind.

7) All Brilli lighting is designed with multiple types of LEDs to simulate the effects of sunrise and sunset.
Lighting is very nuanced, and even the smallest differences matter. Multiple LED’s allow us to provide the right spectrum of light at the right time of day for well-being.

8) All Brilli lighting uses premium phosphors to deliver the most robust light spectrum to improve well-being.
Most LEDs use inexpensive phosphor to reduce costs, which decreases the quality of the light they produce.

Technical Specs
  • Dims down to 10%
  • 90+ CRI
  • Exclusive, Patent-pending WellBright Spectrum™ delivers optimal color fidelity, brilliance and vibrancy
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Specifications Sheet

proven results

of users reported
feeling more alert

of users reported
feeling more energized

of users reported
feeling more focused

Source: 3rd party study conducted by The BenchMarking Co. January 2020


THE RIGHT LIGHT <small> to amp up your daytime routine</small>

THE RIGHT LIGHT to amp up your daytime routine

Modern living has us spending most days indoors, surrounded by low quality, poorly-tuned light. New research shows that not getting enough exposure to the right type of light throughout the day can throw your natural rhythms out of sync, making you feel tired, foggy, and unfocused. That’s why we designed our Charge Up bulbs with a light spectrum tuned to boost energy, focus, alertness, and mood, to help keep your daytime rhythms in sync.

  • Boost Energy

    Boost Energy

  • Feel More Focused

    Feel More Focused

  • Increase Alertness

    Increase Alertness

But don’t take our word for it.

I found these to be very refreshing and stimulating, like a cool glass of water. I only wish I had found them sooner.


I can't imagine not having these at my desk.


Not only do these charge up bulbs make me feel awake, but I feel a lot more focused and productive too.


We design for eight wellness & efficiency metrics:

Circadian Stimulus

Melenopic/Photopic Ratio

Flicker Sensitivity


% of Blue Light

Visual Comfort

Energy Efficiency

WELL Building Standard

Meet Our Experts

When you turn on a Brilli light, you’re turning on the science of more than 650 peer-reviewed studies related to light and its effects on natural biological rhythms, and the expertise of our Scientific Advisory board.

Dr. Shadab Rahman

Scientific Advisor, Consulting Circadian Scientist

Advises on circadian neurophysiology, and how lighting characteristics affect circadian rhythms 

Dr. Doug Steel

Scientific Advisor, Consulting Neuroscientist

Advises on human response to light, and non-visual neural pathways from eye to brain

Dr. Tony Esposito

Scientific Advisor,
Consulting Lighting Research Scientist

Advises on lighting quality and spectral engineering, including color science and circadian metrics

Michael Idelchik

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Vice President of Advanced Technology at GE Global Research

Dr. Vic Roberts

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Head of Research, GE Lighting

Dr. Jakob Maya

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Director of R&D and Engineering, Osram Sylvania

Charge Up

For Best Results

Think of Brilli like a vitamin that supplements your sunlight exposure. You will notice some benefits immediately, and some over time. 

  • Charge Up bulbs should be used throughout the day. You should begin to experience the benefits after 20 minutes.
  • Make sure you're within 10 feet of the light so it comes in contact with your eyes.
  • Use Charge Up bulbs at the brightest setting for a more stimulating effect. A light-colored lampshade is preferable.
  • All lighting in the room should be the same. For example, don't use Charge Up and Wind Down lights together.

Changing the world,

Through our partnership with Watts of Love, every Brilli purchase brings light to a community that lacks access to resources
like electricity, education and economic independence. Because we believe that light
is vital to life, and that light should shine equally on all.

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