What Downlight Do I Need?

Find the right downlight for your space.

Thursday, Jun 18th, 2020

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Creating a well-lit space is important for overall health and productivity and downlights can help with that. A downlight is a type of light that is recessed in the ceiling and is effective at lighting the entire room. Downlights are beneficial because they can illuminate the room without taking up any space, making it look bigger and less crowded.

What are the typical kinds of downlights?

The first type of downlight is called a fixed downlight. The light is fixed and points downward. Fixed downlights help to light the space evenly.

Gimbal downlights are more expensive than fixed downlights, but can be moved in various directions so that you can angle the light where you want it. They’re also effective if you have sloped ceilings and it’s harder to aim light at a specific area.

What downlight do you need?

BR30 Light Bulbs

Brilli’s BR30 bulbs can be used in ceiling downlights and are put into recessed fixtures that take flood light bulbs. They come in both Charge Up and Wind Down options. The Charge Up bulbs simulate sunlight and the brightness of day, which can improve your focus and make you feel more alert. These bulbs are best used in rooms where you’d spend more daylight hours and can be dimmed down to 10%.

For the Wind Down bulbs, these help simulate the soft glow of evening. By putting these bulbs in rooms where you spend your evening hours, you can help your body get ready for sleep and keep your circadian rhythm in sync. These can also be dimmed down to 10%.

5/6” Circadian LED Downlight

This downlight can be used in five or six inch recessed cans and comes with an easy-install socket adaptor. This downlight is dimmable and tuneable and imitates light from sunrise to sunset, meaning you can use it in any room. There’s no need for separate Charge Up and Wind Down bulbs with these downlights.

4” Slim Circadian LED Downlight

This downlight is similar to the five 5/6” inch one, but is thinner and smaller. The light comes with a junction box and wiring connects and fits most shallow ceiling applications.