How to Look Your Best On a Video Conference

Take advantage of the right camera angle, lighting, and more.

Monday, Jun 08th, 2020

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With the majority of our meetings being held over video conference, it can be tempting to roll right out of bed and onto your meeting still wearing your pajamas. But if you want to look your best for your video conferences and feel productive and alert while doing so, here are some steps you can take.

Get dressed and look professional

Start your day by putting on real clothing that you might wear on a typical day to work. This can help set a professional tone and put you in the right mindset for tackling the day. We won’t judge if you don’t wear pants, but at least try to wear something presentable on the top of your body.

For women, if you usually wear makeup, try putting some on if you find that it makes you feel better. If you enjoy wearing jewelry, try wearing earrings or a necklace that goes with your outfit. It’ll help you feel more put together and ready for the day,

For the men, a clean shave will always look professional. It may also help keep you in your daily routine if you used to be required to be clean-shaven when going into the office.  

Make sure the background is clear

It can be easy to get comfortable video conferencing in your home, but you want to be sure that the background of your video isn’t distracting. Try removing any clutter in the background and freeing up the space.

If you have a wall to sit against, that serves as an effective and minimally distracting background.

Watch the camera angle

One of the most unflattering camera angles is when your camera is below your face and your audience gets a wide-angle view of your chin and nostrils—not great! To avoid this issue, make sure your laptop is level with your face. If your desk is low, try stacking some books or finding some other objects to help raise your laptop. This will make sure your audience is looking at you straight on. 

Find a comfortable spot

There’s nothing more distracting than someone who keeps wiggling or standing up and moving around during a video call. To avoid this, make sure you find a comfortable spot to work. 

A supportive desk chair is a great option, but no matter where you’re sitting, make sure there’s plenty of back support, pillows if needed, and you’re comfortable enough to sit for at least thirty minutes. 

Use lighting to your advantage

One final way to make sure you look your best during a video conference is to use lighting to your advantage. If you’re able to, try sitting near a window or some natural light. However, make sure that the light is facing you and not behind you, or else your screen will be backlit.

If you don’t have enough natural light, the right light bulbs can make a difference. Brilli’s Charge Up collection simulates the crisp clarity of daylight and will make the light look clear and natural on the call. Plus, these bulbs help to naturally increase energy and wakefulness, helping you be more alert and focused during your video conference.