Cleaning Up Your Home Lighting

If 'junk lighting' is the new 'dirty air,' here’s your guide to getting your light right.

Friday, Nov 01st, 2019

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With all of the constant questions and mixed messages out there, it can seem hard to walk the wellness walk especially when it feels like there’s a never-ending list of newly discovered junky habits and things you need to remove from your life in order to practice ‘clean living’. Does this sound like anybody else’s inner monologue, or is it just us?

"Is my water bottle free of BPAs? Is my coffee fair trade? Is my chocolate cruelty free? Is my kale non-GMO?"

When it comes to making sure the light you surround yourself with is good for you, it’s actually pretty easy -- and it’s important. Bad lighting can disrupt your sleep, impact your productivity, your happiness, and ability to manage stress, and negatively affect your overall health.

If you’re thinking that you can’t just use a dustpan to sweep up the light that surrounds you every day, you’d be right. But you can throw away and replace the sources of junky lighting: standard LED replacement bulbs and ceiling fixtures that are actually doing you more harm than good when you flip on the switch.

Here’s why:

Unfortunately, the average person spends as much as 22 hours a day inside or almost 92% of the day under artificial lights which can be harmful to overall health and wellbeing. LED Bulbs in your house that you turn on to see when it gets dark continue to emit blue light, fighting against your body’s natural rhythms and hormones. A report from Harvard Health explains that blue light at night can lead to poor sleep and possibly also lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

And while it’s not so extreme, there’s another issue with many lights that is incredibly common: eyestrain. It may go away once you aren’t trying to focus through flickering lights or glare, but it’s annoying while you have it, leading to headaches, muscle soreness, and difficulty concentrating.

If your current light feels junky, it's probably time to pitch it.

Cleaner light = better life

Once you throw those old bulbs away, you won’t be able to see very well. That is, until you replace them with cleaner, human-centric light bulbs that actually benefit your well-being. It’s even better than cleaning your home where the junk keeps coming back after every purge. Once you have new circadian rhythm lighting, though, you experience the changes forever.

It’s brilliant. It’s Brilli.

Brilli lights are the solution to cleaning up your lighting act. They’re exactly what you need for beautiful, beneficial light that works with your body, not against it. Certain wavelengths of blue light aren't always bad; it helps you feel alert during the day. Brilli’s blue light is just better, because it has less flicker often leads to eyestrain. And once the sun starts to set? Brilli has warm lighting that simulates sundown and candlelight, complementing your body’s natural urges to relax and unwind. Hello sleep, goodbye "stay awake" lights.

When is trash day?

Throw out the junk in your life and replace it with something clean. There’s no reason to hold on to light that is bad for you when you can replace it with something so much better.

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