Discover the widest spectrum of well-being benefits.

Light does a “You‑Turn” for the better

When designing our patent-pending WellBright Spectrum™ the Brilli team of lighting scientists, neuroscientists and circadian experts had one mission in mind: To achieve the widest spectrum of well-being benefits for body, mind and mood without sacrificing light quality or energy efficiency. And we accomplished what we set out to do. We call it the "Brilli blend," and no other lighting achieves the same balance of wellness, visual comfort, aesthetics and energy efficiency as completely or comprehensively.

Meet Our Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Shadab Rahman Physiological Effects of Light
Circadian Scientist
Dr. Doug SteelPhysiological Effects of Light
Dr. Tony Esposito Aesthetic Effects of Light
Lighting Color Scientist

Brilli beats the daylights out of other LED Lighting.

We compared the Brilli WellBright Spectrum™ to the leading indoor and wellness lighting brands. Metrics included Circadian Stimulus as well as Melanopic Photopic Ratio (M/P ratio) a snazzy, science-y way of saying we rated the blue-light wavelength that suppresses sleep-inducing melatonin against the other guys.

We also measured maximum visual appeal and comfort (color quality, fidelity, vibrancy and saturation.) And we evaluated flicker and flicker sensitivity – two major contributors to headaches and stress caused by eyestrain.

Across the board, only Brilli achieved the most comprehensive blend of wellness and visual comfort benefits when compared to the competition.

Feel-Better Benefits Systems in sync, stress reduction, better mood, energy, alertness, focus, and restfulness Measurements: C/S, MP, Blue Light %
Aesthetics/ Visual Comfort Color accuracy, fidelity, vibrancy, saturation and preference Measurements: CRI, R9, 405nm%, TM30Rf, TM30Rg, Rcsh1, Rcsh16
Low Eyestrain Flicker and flicker sensitivity Measurements: MP, PST
Efficiency Energy Efficiency Measurements: Energy Star rating

Four more reasons to love Brilli.

Beyond our Well-Bright Spectrum™, Brilli technology is different from other LED Lighting.

Premium phosphors. Most LEDs use inexpensive phosphor to reduce costs, which decreases the quality of the light they produce. But Brilli LEDs use premium phosphors to deliver the most robust light spectrum to improve well-being.

The right light at the right time. Our lighting was designed with multiple types of LEDs to simulate the effects of sunrise and sunset. These multiple LED’s also allow us to provide the right spectrum of light for well-being.

  • In our dimmable Wind Down and Charge Up bulbs, the rich light spectrum is set to a particular time of day.

  • In our Get in Sync fixtures, you can customize your spectrum throughout the day.

Total tune-ability. Our patent-pending tuning also means Brilli has the only fixtures that allow you to adjust brightness and tune the light spectrum from warm to cool, using most standard dimmers.

Energy efficiency: Of course, Brilli lights also carry the Energy Star rating for energy efficiency, so you can feel good about making the switch.

Let's face it. Most modern lighting focuses solely on color temperature or energy efficiency while ignoring the positive health and well-being impacts of biologically-aligned light. If your current lighting feels murky or sterile, has too much flicker and glare, or has a spectrum that isn’t tuned to the time of day, you're sacrificing one benefit to get another.

WellBright Spectrum™ at 2700K
WellBright Spectrum™ at 2700K
WellBright Spectrum™ at 5000K
WellBright Spectrum™ at 5000K
Points along tunable WellBright Spectrum (2200K-5000K)
Points along tunable WellBright Spectrum™ (2200K-5000K)
With our Get In Sync fixtures, you can tune all the way up for cool daylight, midway for warmer afternoon light and all the way down for amber sundown light