Dimmer Compatibility

Find out what dimmer switches work best with Brilli lighting.



Compatible with Brilli Bulbs

Compatible with Brilli Fixtures

Cloudy Bay CBLD001WH_2PK Yes Yes
Cooper RI06PL Yes Yes
DI10P No Yes
SLC03P No Yes
AAL06_C2 Yes Yes
DI06P Yes Yes
Legrand ADTP703TUW4 Yes Yes
X0029LAUE5 No Yes
RHCL453PW No Yes
Leviton IPL06 Yes Yes
DSL06 Yes Yes
DSM10 Yes Yes
6681 No Yes
6633 Yes Yes
6672 Yes Yes
6602 No Yes
6674 Yes Yes
Lutron MACL_153M Yes Yes
MRF2_6ND_120 Yes No
TTCL-100H-WH Yes Yes
MA_600 Yes No
MRF2_6CL Yes No
NLV_1000 Yes Yes
DVCL-153P Yes Yes
DVELV_300P Yes Yes
SLV_600P No Yes
DV_600P Yes Yes
CT103P No Yes
CTCL153P Yes No
MACL_153MLH_WH Yes Yes
TGCL_153PH_WH Yes No
LECL_153PH_WH Yes No
Maxxima MEW_DM650 Yes No
MEW_DM600_02 Yes No
Philips SR150LED120 Yes Yes
WattStopper DCD267_W No Yes