How to create layers of healthy light

In some spaces, no single light source can provide the atmosphere and ambience you need for the healthiest illumination. Light layering enhances your mood and protects your eyes.

Begin with your Ambient Light – the central light source in the room – often comes from recessed or surface-mounted ceiling fixtures. It helps create uniform diffused light and mirrors the effects of natural sunlight or sunset in the room. Brilli lighting works with most dimmers to allow you to adjust your ambient light.

Layering light enhances your mood and protects your eyes

Add Task or “Practical Light” to increase the level of focused illumination needed to perform specific activities. For instance, desk lights allow you to see your keyboard. Bedside lamps amplify focus and concentration for reading without eyestrain. Vanity lights save you from messing your mascara or nicking yourself while shaving. Pendant lights over your kitchen counter are perfect for prepping food.

Are you ready to start layering your light?

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