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Unlike regular LED lighting, our scientific approach to design always begins with human health and wellness.

We start with 8 core wellness and efficiency metrics:

Optimal Circadian Stimulus (C/S)

Optimal Circadian Stimulus (C/S)

All Brilli lighting has optimal C/S depending on time of day. Exposure to a 0.3+ is appropriate for daytime use, when you want to feel energized. Exposure to a >0.3 C/S is appropriate for evening use, to promote Melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Optimal Melanopic/Photopic (M/P)

Optimal Melanopic/Photopic (M/P)

All Brilli lighting has optimal M/P depending on time of day. A higher M/P of 0.8+ means the light is more stimulating and right for daytime use. A lower M/P of >0.5 means the light is less stimulating and right for evening use. 

Optimal blue light %

Optimal blue light %

Brilli Wind Down bulbs have only 0.83% blue light, and Get in Sync fixtures (at low setting) have 1.6% blue light. Cool blue light should be minimized in the evenings at a percentage of less than 2%. 

Ultra-low flicker sensitivity

Ultra-low flicker sensitivity

All Brilli lighting has a Flicker Percent of less than 1% at 50Hz. UL (the Global Safety Science organization) identifies “Low Flicker Risk” as a Flicker Percent of less than 8% at 50Hz and less than 10% at 60Hz.  

Minimized eyestrain

Minimized eyestrain

All Brilli lighting is designed to minimize eyestrain. Eyestrain is a common condition that can occur from prolonged exposure to poor lighting with too much flicker, glare, or poor color and contrast. 

Optimal visual comfort

Optimal visual comfort

All Brilli lighting is designed for optimal visual comfort. Visual comfort is a physiological reaction to quality of light within a given space, including aesthetic quality, ambience, luminosity and absence of glare. 

ENERGY STAR certified

ENERGY STAR certified

All Brilli lighting carries ENERGY STAR certification. Products with this certification must contribute to significant energy savings, while delivering features and performance in addition to energy efficiency. 

WELL Building Standard<sup>®</sup>

WELL Building Standard®

All Brilli lighting contributes toward satisfying Features #53, #54, and #58 under the WELL Building Standard®. The WELL standard is a system for measuring features of the built environment that impact human health. 

Meet our Scientists, Advisors and Experts

We work with a lot of exceptional people who help guide our research and development, product innovation, and technology.

Dr. Shadab Rahman

Scientific Advisor, Consulting Circadian Scientist

Advises on circadian neurophysiology, and how lighting characteristics affect circadian rhythms

Dr. Doug Steel

Scientific Advisor, Consulting Neuroscientist

Advises on human response to light, and non-visual neural pathways from eye to brain

Dr. Tony Esposito

Scientific Advisor,
Consulting Lighting Research Scientist

Advises on lighting quality and spectral engineering, including color science and circadian metrics

Michael Idelchik

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Vice President of Advanced Technology at GE Global Research

Dr. Vic Roberts

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Head of Research, GE Lighting

Dr. Jakob Maya

Scientific Advisor,
Lighting Technologist

Former Director of R&D and Engineering, Osram Sylvania

Jack Jiang

Vice President of Technology

Leads R&D and Manufacturing of circadian rhythm lighting solutions

Paul Harrington

Director of Engineering

Leads the development of circadian rhythm lighting solutions

Shenali Parikh

Product Management, IoT

Leads the innovation of circadian rhythm lighting solutions 

Changing the world,

Through our partnership with Watts of Love, every Brilli
purchase brings light to a community that lacks access to resources like electricity, education and economic
independence. Because we believe that light is vital to life, and that light should shine equally on all.

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